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Delusions of Democracy: The Epstein Mystery (08/18/19 12:14)

When you hear someone trying to discredit a view by calling it a “conspiracy theory,” be suspicious. The CIA invented “conspiracy theory” in order to control the explanation of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination by discrediting skeptics of the official explanation.

Real Estate: The Global Mansion Bust Has Begun (08/18/19 12:12)

Central banks are desperately lowering interest rates as the global economy turns down. Likely, the top is in, prepare for a bust cycle.

China: A San Francisco Every Month (08/18/19 12:10)

Every month since 1950, China has been building homes for a million people - the entire housing stock of San Francisco.

Space Technology: Self-Destroying Satellites (08/17/19 08:57)

Russia's Roscosmos space agency has invented a satellite with the ability to destroy itself at the end of its life, offering a solution to the significant problem of space debris.

Weekend Humour: Baby Vampires (08/17/19 08:49)

Many thousands of women are under the unholy influence of small dairy vampires that are as unpredictable as they are voracious.

Total Impunity: The Clintons (08/16/19 19:38)

Here is the complete list of Clinton associates who died mysteriously or committed "suicide" before testimony. The trail of blood is long - 40 deaths to date.

Germany: Inverse Wirtschaftswunder (08/16/19 19:32)

The Ifo Institute business climate indicator for manufacturing went into free fall in July. This goes far beyond the woes of the car industry - more than 80% of Germany's factories are in outright contraction.

History Reclaimed: The Babi Yar Killings (08/16/19 19:29)

Another Holocaust lie debunked.

O&G: The US Shale Boom Is Over (08/16/19 19:19)

Aside from Midland, every other shale basin may be on borrowed time, with the best acreage already picked over and oil prices languishing below US$60 per barrel.

Russia (Local Colour): Bury Your Wife (08/16/19 19:15)

A new Russian pastime ...

USA: The Happy, Hate-Free, Supranational Corporate Police State (08/16/19 19:12)

The so-called "War on Terror" was probably the most effective fascist psy-op in the history of fascist psy-ops.

Darwin: Bogus Evolution? (08/16/19 19:08)

A Russian priest has left quite a few people puzzled with a story about how he "talked" with the spirit of Charles Darwin and was apparently told not to be tempted by his theory of evolution through natural selection.

(Recent) History Revisited: The Manson Murders (08/16/19 19:06)

The official Vincent Bugliosi rendition of the Manson murders is as blatantly bogus as Bugliosi’s “Oswald acted alone” version of the JFK assassination.

USA: An Economy Based on Plunder (08/16/19 19:04)

"Essentially, capitalism is a plunder mechanism that generates short-run profits by externalizing long-run costs".  Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Taki's Week That Perished (11.08.19) (08/16/19 19:01)

The Week’s Most Imbecilic, Coprophilic, and Pedophilic Headlines

China: Proctor & Gamble or Pericles of Athens? (08/06/19 17:49)

"I find their government much more responsive and democratic than the dog-and-pony shows back home, and I mean that seriously.”  Jeff J. Brown

Automotive: Why VW Was Framed (08/06/19 17:47)

VW found itself the focus of a curiously severe inquisition over picayune – almost unmeasurable – variances in exhaust emissions. Nothing that made any measurable difference in terms of air quality, at any rate.

Mass Media: Fake News (08/06/19 17:41)

Western mass media malfeasance doesn’t stop at suppression of facts; there is also its massive failing to provide any sort of meaningful analysis.

What Could Go Wrong Department (08/06/19 17:40)

In the UK, heat waves tend to bring out even more stupid behavior than that which is already rampant.

Germany: Inverse Wirtschaftswunder (08/06/19 17:38)

Merkel'd ...


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