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Can you give me 100% protection ?

What is IT-Security ?



We are strong believers in privacy. No one – not the government; not any foreign 3-letter agency; not Amazon, Google, Facebook or for that matter your next-door neighbour – should be able to intrude upon it.

That is why we have developed a service that will protect your computer – desktop, laptop, tablet or notebook; or your smartphone – from any snooping that is presently happening on a continuous basis.

We will also help you with a simple list of suggestions so you can adjust your behaviour when online.

With this little program – ring-fencing your computer system plus slight changes in behaviour – you will have achieved a high barrier against

» Snooping by governments, media agencies, eCommerce shops and the like
» Virus or other malware attacks
» Theft of your virtual idendity

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to our sister company Europe Security, a fist-class purveyor of security-related installations.



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