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What is IT-Security ?



A wide range of successful projects; some examples :

Screening of the logistics and IT operations across the entire network of a national electronics distributor. Formulation of the optimization framework; large-scale improvement of PG profitability

Improve Anti-Spy measures in a medium-sized consulting firm Software and hardware; installtions of new firewall, antivirus programs, browsers, communications software and all other links to internet activity.

Content Provider & WebCasting Pioneer in the Sports sector IT-Security at all levels; hands-on Management. Strategic Alliances; Redesign of Processes; incl. IT.

Advanced Netmarket Start-up for the Media & Entertainment sector; ASP component aimed at SMEs within the sector

Conversion of very early-stage start-up into viable operation eligible for funding. International Strategic Alliances with eCommerce, Technology & Software Vendors. Teambuilding & Motivation. Redesign of Processes (object-oriented)

Leading Anti-Hack service provider; Developer of bleeding-edge WebScanner Organization, B2B Push; Teambuilding & Motivation. Professional Presentation Techniques

Numerous projects assisting German firms to access EU funding for IT-related projects. Project scanning, serviceability, program selection, tender support and follow-up

IT-Strategy for an SME Media house Elaboration of strategic options; HR planning; Market outlook

Raising the barriers company-wide by means of all-out reconfiguration of prevalent hardware / software constellations. Measures aim at internal as well as external security considerations; emphasis on open-source, steering clear of large corporate 3rd-party platforms, applications and devices.


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