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What is IT-Security ?

Can you give me 100% protection ?



What is almost always overlooked is the fact that the internet is a two-way system : as soon as you have access to it, the internet has access to you (to your computer, your harddisk, your smartphone; and even your processors & RAM). And that access to your system lasts as long as your computer is connected.

Therefore, protective measures need to be very intelligent – access must be allowed (otherwise you cannot surf or shop) – but only to an extent permissible.

In detail, here is what needs to be done. 

Computer Systems
(make your electronics work)

Operating System
- Computer too slow overall
   . Boot-up
   . Shut-down
- Computer crashes
   .computer does not start
   .Blue Screen of Death
Microsoft Office
- Adjust to the needs of client
- Make lighter & more efficient
- Repair crashes
Internet Software
- Improve speed & efficiency
- Install extensions & complementary SW
- Antivirus & anti-intursion software
- Harddisk efficiency
- Configure SW to back-up & safeguard your data
- Install faster harddisk(s) where feasible
- Install video & audio cards
- Transfer from PC to Mac & vv

(make your computer & smartphone safe)

Basic Cleaning
- Scan System for undesirable software
- Remove viruses, malware; and all other intrusive software
- Replace software known for built-in "back doors"
Computer & Phone Protection
- Find and suggest most secure operating system
- Install full disk encryption
- Configure & secure modem / router / wifi
- Install & configure anti-intrusion software (firewall)
- Install & configure antivirus software
- Configure internet software
- Secure internet protocol
- Install & configure email client(s)
- Advise on wemail accounts
- Install & configure messaging & chat software
- Install & configure online video & telephone
- Advise on search engines

Every client is different. And so is every computer or smartphone configuration. We shall give you a fully customized service, catering to your exact personal needs.


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