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USA: Empire in Decay (12/23/19 16:36)

The quasi-religious popularity of superheroes is another sign of cultural doom.

O&G: Permian Flaring Frenzy (12/23/19 16:35)

The flaring and venting of natural gas in the USA continues to soar, reaching new record highs in recent months. This is not only wasteful, it also worsens air quality and it exacerbates climate change.

Taki's Week That Perished (15.12.19) (12/23/19 16:32)

The Week’s Most Impure, Insecure, and Immature Headlines

USA: American Genius (12/23/19 16:31)

After a decade of price deformation - such as UBER being valued by the “markets” at US$ 45 to 50 billion despite having no viable path for ever making a profit - it seems that practically everyone has lost the ability to perform even basic math or reality checks.

The New Normal: US$ 30 Per Flush (12/23/19 16:28)

San Francisco ran a pilot program over the past three months to keep public toilets open all night. Dividing the costs by the number of flushes, it came out to US$ 28.50 per flush.

Ecology: Climate Change (12/23/19 16:25)

Some very irresponsible folks are hyping and exaggerating the impacts of the minor global warming we have had so far, sending vulnerable folks into a panic.

Hightech: A Hard Look at Artificial Intelligence (12/23/19 16:24)

When a new technology emerges that poses risks, those risks are set aside by both industry and corrupt regulators if the new technology is profitable. People are damaged, people die, and the “industry” denies the problems and claims the harm “has not been proven".

Jewish Agenda: For the Love of Jews (12/23/19 16:21)

Judeophilia, love of Jews, is a troublesome symptom of a dangerous malady, elites’ estrangement from its working classes, the malady presently in full bloom in France and England. Judeophilia strikes divided societies and could lead to their collapse much faster than its Siamese counter-twin, antisemitism.

Taki's Week That Perished (12/08/19 18:55)

The Week’s Most Seductive, Obstructive, and Destructive Headlines

History Revisited: Only the Winners Are Heard (12/08/19 18:53)

Who was the worst war criminal: Hitler, Churchill, or Roosevelt?

History Reclaimed: Another Myth Debunked (12/08/19 18:49)

The Aktion Reinhardt camps were actually transit camps rather than extermination camps.

Israeli Shenanigans (12/08/19 18:45)

Israel has lost even pretense of respect for international law.

Environment: The Coming Ice Age (12/08/19 18:43)

The amount of emotionalism currently displayed with regard to what the thermometer has to say is very much out of character for anyone involved in any sort of scientific endeavor and is more indicative of some sort of religious experience.

The New Normal: Delusions of Democracy (12/08/19 18:40)

In the days of yore, there were kings. Everybody could agree to hate the king because he was rich and well-fed, when most of his minions were not. Then, a more effective system was invented: democracy. Its originators had in mind a system whereby the populace could choose their leader from amongst themselves - thereby gaining a leader who understood them and represented them.

Automotive: Jobs Are Going (12/08/19 18:35)

The epicenter of the automobile downturn is in China, India, Germany, and Japan. Some industry hubs in the US have already been affected.

USA: Hypocrisy Foremost (12/08/19 18:32)

Despite his outstanding performance in the Manhattan Project, Robert Oppenheimer’s reputation has been tainted by allegations that he knowingly passed secrets of the atomic bomb to Soviet agents.

What Could Go Wrong Department (12/08/19 18:30)

A hotel in Japan is making headlines for offering a US$ 1 per night stay, but there's a big catch that's straight out of the 1990's film 'The Truman Show'. Guests must agree to allow their every moment in the room to be live streamed to the world

History Reclaimed: An Ukrainian Primer (12/08/19 18:29)

Five years ago, when Ukraine first came into the news, those Americans who thought Ukraine was an island in the Pacific can perhaps be forgiven. That members of the US House Intelligence Committee don't know - or pretend not to know - more accurate information about Ukraine is a scandal, and a consequential one.

USA: Clown World Strikes Again (12/08/19 18:26)

Apparently there’s a problem with US government employees sleeping on the job, and the problem is so bad that Uncle Sam felt the need to explicitly ban taking naps at the office.

Jewish Agenda: Trump Woos Jews, Jews Impeach Trump (12/08/19 18:23)

The Jews accept every gift as their due; it is absence of a gift that is surprising and troublesome, probably to be explained by anti-Semitism.


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