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USA: Clown World Strikes Again (01/05/20 12:52)

His eminence, God Emperor, Field Marshal & Stable Genius, Donald “Real” Trump, POTUS, fount of endless high quality entertainment and greatest troll in the world.

Trivia: The Facts About Hanukkah (01/05/20 12:47)

Almost everything claimed about Hanukkah is a lie.

USSR: The United States of Suppression and Repression (01/05/20 12:44)

This is America: 10 examples showing how dramatically the U.S. has changed.

Jewish Agenda: Sanctions Against Nord Stream (01/05/20 12:41)

Contrary to Jewish opinion, there are generally agreed upon international laws and conventions that countries try to follow. There are only two countries that blatantly thumb their noses at the rules and go around doing as they will. They are Israel and the US (whenever it comes to doing Israel’s bidding, of course).

Taki's Week That Perished (29.12.19) (01/05/20 12:32)

The Week’s Crustiest, Rustiest, and Mustiest Headlines

USA: Empire in Decay (12/24/19 16:40)

America is a corpse being consumed by maggots. Liberals are rooting for the maggots. Conservatives are rooting for the corpse.

USA: Land of the Free (12/24/19 16:38)

"Sexual perverts are the new American privileged class".  Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Delusions of Democracy: United Kingdom (12/24/19 16:35)

This is the great Jewish trick: they always win, and they never lose. The Jews are always blameless. You may congratulate them with the result, never blame.

History Revisited: Maggie's Remarkable Prophecy (12/24/19 16:33)

How often does a politician go on stage, admit a mistake, describe the correct solution, then give a prophetic warning with uncanny accuracy?

Jewish Shenanigans: Vulture Funds (12/24/19 16:30)

Almost all vulture funds, widely acknowledged as the most influential and predatory, are owned and operated by Jews. Yet, we are constantly bombarded with the suggestion that Jews don’t have a special relationship with money or usury.

Capitalism at Its Best: The Bogus Legend of Paul Volcker (12/24/19 16:24)

No one person did more to bring about the dysfunctional debt-bloated financial system we have today than the former Chase Manhattan Bank economist who spent most of his life in the employ of America’s most powerful oligarch family.

USA: Hypocrisy Foremost (12/23/19 20:32)

In a major threat to what’s left of press freedom, establishment journalists are calling for Big Tech to censor those who won’t parrot the government-approved official narrative.

Taki's Week That Perished (22.12.19) (12/23/19 20:30)

The Week’s Most Vivacious, Flirtatious, and Salacious Headlines 

Delusions of Democracy: USA vs China (12/23/19 20:22)

In America, you are very likely to be completely silenced for: - Opposing feminism - Opposing homosexuality - Opposing transsexualism - Opposing abortion - Opposing mass immigration - Questioning the official narrative of the Holocaust - Questioning anything that Jews do - Supporting the Chinese government against the Hong Kong rioters
In China, all you are restricted from is: - Criticizing the government  

The New Normal: Bananas as Art (12/23/19 20:15)

There is no real art being created anymore, at least not outside of anime, and this isn’t just because of money laundering; it’s an intellectual and spiritual exhaustion of the entire Western world from one end to the other.

USA: Empire in Decay (12/23/19 16:36)

The quasi-religious popularity of superheroes is another sign of cultural doom.

O&G: Permian Flaring Frenzy (12/23/19 16:35)

The flaring and venting of natural gas in the USA continues to soar, reaching new record highs in recent months. This is not only wasteful, it also worsens air quality and it exacerbates climate change.

Taki's Week That Perished (15.12.19) (12/23/19 16:32)

The Week’s Most Impure, Insecure, and Immature Headlines

USA: American Genius (12/23/19 16:31)

After a decade of price deformation - such as UBER being valued by the “markets” at US$ 45 to 50 billion despite having no viable path for ever making a profit - it seems that practically everyone has lost the ability to perform even basic math or reality checks.

The New Normal: US$ 30 Per Flush (12/23/19 16:28)

San Francisco ran a pilot program over the past three months to keep public toilets open all night. Dividing the costs by the number of flushes, it came out to US$ 28.50 per flush.

Ecology: Climate Change (12/23/19 16:25)

Some very irresponsible folks are hyping and exaggerating the impacts of the minor global warming we have had so far, sending vulnerable folks into a panic.

Hightech: A Hard Look at Artificial Intelligence (12/23/19 16:24)

When a new technology emerges that poses risks, those risks are set aside by both industry and corrupt regulators if the new technology is profitable. People are damaged, people die, and the “industry” denies the problems and claims the harm “has not been proven".

Jewish Agenda: For the Love of Jews (12/23/19 16:21)

Judeophilia, love of Jews, is a troublesome symptom of a dangerous malady, elites’ estrangement from its working classes, the malady presently in full bloom in France and England. Judeophilia strikes divided societies and could lead to their collapse much faster than its Siamese counter-twin, antisemitism.

Taki's Week That Perished (12/08/19 18:55)

The Week’s Most Seductive, Obstructive, and Destructive Headlines

History Revisited: Only the Winners Are Heard (12/08/19 18:53)

Who was the worst war criminal: Hitler, Churchill, or Roosevelt?

History Reclaimed: Another Myth Debunked (12/08/19 18:49)

The Aktion Reinhardt camps were actually transit camps rather than extermination camps.

Israeli Shenanigans (12/08/19 18:45)

Israel has lost even pretense of respect for international law.

Environment: The Coming Ice Age (12/08/19 18:43)

The amount of emotionalism currently displayed with regard to what the thermometer has to say is very much out of character for anyone involved in any sort of scientific endeavor and is more indicative of some sort of religious experience.

The New Normal: Delusions of Democracy (12/08/19 18:40)

In the days of yore, there were kings. Everybody could agree to hate the king because he was rich and well-fed, when most of his minions were not. Then, a more effective system was invented: democracy. Its originators had in mind a system whereby the populace could choose their leader from amongst themselves - thereby gaining a leader who understood them and represented them.

Automotive: Jobs Are Going (12/08/19 18:35)

The epicenter of the automobile downturn is in China, India, Germany, and Japan. Some industry hubs in the US have already been affected.


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