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Global Crisis: Dead Men Walking (09/05/19 17:54)

No one blinks an eye at US$22 trillion in debt, trillion dollar annual deficits, 0% interest rates for ten years, US$17 trillion of negative interest debt in the world, retro-active adjustments to GDP and savings rate calculations to make them more positive, 40% of the working age population not working – but unemployment reported as 3.7%, inflation reported at less than 2% when the average person experiences inflation in excess of 5%, corporations using their billions in tax cuts to buy back stock to boost their stock price, a military waging undeclared wars across the globe, an out of control surveillance state monitoring our communications, media companies using propaganda and censorship to push their new world order agenda, and US$200 trillion of unfunded liabilities that cannot be honored.

Currencies: Fed Preparations (09/05/19 17:51)

Donald Trump may go down in history books as the second Herbert Hoover.

Taki's Week That Perished (1.09.19) (09/05/19 17:49)

The Week’s Most Unnecessary, Involuntary, and Unsanitary Headlines

Health: Toady Happiness (09/05/19 17:47)

Toad goo produces a more intense psychedelic effect than plant- or fungus-based psychedelics.

The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Internet (09/05/19 17:45)

Clearly, we are dealing with the Anti-Defamation League and their ongoing push to remove all truth from the internet. But we are also dealing with the very real political agenda of Silicon Valley. These two parallel agendas are coming together to create the ultimate clampdown.

USA: Empire in Decay (09/05/19 11:45)

Many of the major US corporations are financial zombies, waiting for an uptick in interest rates to drive them into bankruptcy. And it is these zombies that are being tasked with bringing production back to the US.

Environment: Extreme Weather (09/05/19 11:44)

The current solar cycle, called by NASA the Number 24 Cycle, peaked in early 2014 before starting its measurable decline in annual sunspot activity. The minimum is predicted to take place in 2020. It could last for years. Some predict a new “mini Ice Age”.

Hilaire Belloc: Reflections on “the Jews” (09/05/19 11:41)

Of all the fallacies that one confronts when engaging with the theme of relations between Jews and Europeans, one of the most easily disproven is the idea that antagonism towards Jews is constantly changing.

History Reclaimed: Why Germany Invaded Poland (09/05/19 11:38)

Polish atrocities against ethnic Germans have been documented in the book "Polish Acts of Atrocity against the German Minority in Poland". Most of the outside world dismissed this book as nothing more than propaganda used to justify Hitler’s invasion of Poland. However, skeptics failed to notice that forensic pathologists from the International Red Cross and medical and legal observers from the United States verified the findings of these investigations of Polish war crimes.

Automotive: New Russian Bulletproof Lim0 (09/05/19 11:35)

Want to roll like Putin? After a US$190 million investment in R&D via a public-private partnership project called "Kortezh," Russia unveiled its first post-Soviet presidential limousine, the Aurus Senat.

USA: Crumbling Empire (09/05/19 11:33)

The signs are everywhere. Mass shootings are just the final manifestation. Suicide rates for young Americans are the highest ever measured. So are drug-related deaths. Fifteen percent of millennials still live with their parents.

History Revisited: Conspiracy Theories (08/27/19 14:52)

How the CIA invented the concept of "conspiracy theories."

Total Impunity: The Epstein Saga (once more) (08/27/19 14:49)

The American public is stupid, but they aren’t that stupid. With Epstein’s alleged suicide, it’s not that some things don’t add up - nothing adds up except the increasingly maddening feeling that we’re being brazenly lied to and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Privacy: Another Epstein Associate & Mossad Agent (08/27/19 14:46)

Meet Nicole Junkermann, the former Bond girl turned Mossad asset.

Science: The Nature of Gravity (08/27/19 14:42)

The astrophysicist Erik Verlinde is doing away with dark matter.

The New Normal: Totalitarianism (08/27/19 14:40)

"We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism."  Slavoj Zizek

(Recent) History Reclaimed: America’s Benevolent Bombing of Serbia (08/27/19 14:37)

Bombing Serbia was a family affair in the Clinton White House.

Taki's Week That Perished (25.08.19) (08/27/19 14:35)

The Week’s Most Hedonic, Demonic, and Sardonic Headlines

History Reclaimed: The Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (08/18/19 12:20)

This criminal one-two punch by the US, which were not done to end WW II, but to intimidate the Soviet Union, launched the atomic age.

Science: A New Organ? (08/18/19 12:16)

The "new" organ seems to play a key role in the perception of mechanical pain.


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