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Banking: The ECB Looks into a Mirror (12/08/19 18:08)

In bizarre admission, ECB warns its policies threaten financial stability, could lead to a crash.

Taki's Week that Perished (1.12.19) (12/08/19 18:01)

The Week’s Most Avaricious, Repetitious, and Meretricious Headlines

History Reclaimed: American Death Squads (11/24/19 11:58)

There was sustained US participation in building and managing the Salvadoran security apparatus that relied on Death Squad assassinations as its principle means of enforcement.

Capitalism at Its Best: Present Day Fascism (11/24/19 11:56)

We (i.e., Americans, Brits, Europeans, and other citizens of the global capitalist empire) get up in the morning, go to work, shop, pay the interest on our debts, and otherwise obey the laws and conform to the mores of a system of power that has murdered countless millions of people in pursuit of global-hegemonic dominance

USA: Land of the Free (11/24/19 11:53)

Policemen in Tampa Florida are now undergoing “holocaust training,” sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. Conveniently, there is a holocaust museum located just down the road in St. Petersburg where the first group of officers was taken to be indoctrinated.

New World Order: Google Rules (11/24/19 11:49)

How Google interferes with its search algorithms and changes your results.

USA: Sewer of Deceit (11/24/19 11:45)

Washington paid the corrupt Bolivian military to unseat Morales, the elected president. This has always been the way Washington has ruled the entirety of Latin America. Buy the corrupt military. They will prostitute their wives for money.

Science: Cosmic Web (11/24/19 11:43)

Some galaxies move together in odd and often unexplained patterns, as if they are connected by a vast unseen force.

Taki's Week That perished (11/24/19 11:41)

The Week’s Most Laconic, Tectonic, and Cyclonic Headlines

Taki's Week That Perished (17.11.19) (11/18/19 19:18)

The Week’s Wiggliest, Squiggliest, and Giggliest Headlines

USA: Masters of Hypocrisy (11/18/19 19:17)

America has made it ironclad policy to install, support and enrich a gang of the vilest, most murderous dictators, tyrants, caudillos and royal brutes behind its sinister fairytale of principled benevolence.

Israel: Dispensible Nation (11/18/19 19:13)

The only way that Israel is able to exist as a “nationalist” state is by feeding off of other nations.

Local Colour: Germany (11/18/19 10:56)

German actress Sylvana Heißenberg destroys traitoress Merkel in an open letter, "you belong in prison".

History Revisited: A Holocaust of Biblical Proportions (11/18/19 10:53)

The Zionists needed "six millions cremated Jews" for the foundation of the Jewish State.

Local Colour: France (11/18/19 10:50)

For reasons entirely unfathomable French president Macron - a liar if ever there was one - is beginning to tell the truth.

Delusions of Democracy: Italy (11/18/19 10:47)

A Jewish senator has demanded the Italian government set up a commission to persecute goyim who talk back.

Taki's Week That Perished (10.11.19) (11/18/19 10:43)

The Week’s Most Offensive, Expensive, and Hypertensive Headlines

What Could Go Wrong Department (11/18/19 10:38)

In the UK, it’s “disgusting” to acknowledge your own biological facts.

Delusions of Democracy: The Deep State's Transformation (11/18/19 10:34)

To think that the deep state is government employees just doing their patriotic duty is plain idiocy and plainer propaganda.

Architecture: The Brutalist Strain (11/03/19 12:54)

The idea that brute concrete could create any kind of security rather than unease or fear is laughable.


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