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History Reclaimed: The JFK Assassination (10/04/19 10:03)

The cover-up is wearing thin.

The New Normal: Academic Notions (10/04/19 09:58)

Many of the irritations of modern life are traceable to the idiotic notions propounded by academics.

Construction: Robot Home (10/04/19 09:54)

A group of Swiss researchers have set out to find an answer to the perceived - if far from proven - problem of CO₂ in the building and construction industry.

Taki's Week That Perished (29.09.19) (10/04/19 09:50)

The Week’s Most Shocking, Rocking, and Cock-Blocking Headlines

History Reclaimed: Understanding World War II (09/24/19 14:35)

In per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close.

Capitalism at Its Best: Africa's Conundrum (09/24/19 14:33)

Southern Africa continues to be a subcontinent where despots dominate and misrule; where the looting of national exchequers by tiny, politically connected elites continues on a gargantuan scale; where extreme poverty is endemic and exploding; where infrastructures are collapsing; and where natural resources are being plundered in an unholy alliance that brings corrupt officials and, in many cases, their Chinese paymasters into joint ventures threatening to turn these countries into an environmental catastrophe.

Environment: Climate Science (09/24/19 14:26)

The great accuracy of climate change predictions.

USA: The 9/11 Deception (09/24/19 14:23)

When Americans fell for the 9/11 deception, they lost their country, and peoples in seven countries lost their lives, limbs, and families.

Privacy & Surveillance: Google Nest (09/24/19 13:37)

Google’s Nest Hub surveillance system is constantly looking for its owner’s face and technically can’t be shut off. After making sure certain information is censored on behalf of the political establishment, Google will make sure you’re watched accordingly.

USA: Beacon of Democracy (09/24/19 13:35)

"It is much easier for government to deceive people in a democracy where people assume everything is above board than in a dictatorship where they know it is not."  Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Taki's Week That Perished (22.09.19) (09/24/19 13:31)

The Week’s Pearliest, Whirliest, and Churliest Headlines

USA: Land of Plenty (09/23/19 19:05)

It is hard to see how a country that owes trillions to foreigners, imports half of everything it consumes, no longer manufactures much of anything and would be forced to declare sovereign default shortly after it stops borrowing larger and larger sums, can be called sovereign.

USA: Empire in Decay (09/23/19 19:02)

Unused militaries ....

Brexit and the Pearl Clutchers (09/23/19 19:01)

An open letter ...

Quote of the Day (09/23/19 18:59)

They don’t hate Hitler for Holocausting them, they hate Hitler for refusing to Holocaust them.  Andrew Anglin

UK: The Future of Brexit (09/23/19 18:57)

The Brexit debacle is a sign of crisis of democracy. The British people’s will has repeatedly been thwarted by the elected parliamentarians and non-elected administrators. It is practically the same in the US, where the people’s will has been clearly expressed by election of Trump. His supporters wanted to return American soldiers home, to make friends with Russia, to stop mass migration, to end demonization of white American men. All these wishes were foiled by elected congressmen and by non-elected servants of the Deep State.

Privacy: The Future of the Spectacle (09/23/19 18:56)

Imagine human faces staring mesmerized into the screen of some kind of nifty futuristic device on which every word, sound, and image has been algorithmically approved for consumption by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) and its “innovation ecosystem” of “academic, corporate, and governmental partners".

Taki's Week That Perished (15.09.19) (09/23/19 18:52)

The Week’s Most Accidental, Detrimental, and Unsentimental Headlines

Taki's Week That Perished (8.09.19) (09/23/19 18:51)

The Week’s Most Solid, Stolid, and Squalid Headlines

Privacy: Brain-Reading Technology (09/05/19 17:56)

Welcome to the psychic control grid.


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