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History Revisited: German Traitors (07/21/19 16:28)

What was done to Germany after the war, with the brainwashing of the entire country to believe that they are uniquely evil in all of history, is something that has only happened once.

The New Normal: The White Punishment Project (07/21/19 16:26)

Every black person deserves a white person to punish, and on the days when a black is feeling particularly burdened by racism, he shall be permitted to punish two white people.

EU: New Leadership (07/21/19 16:24)

A more incompetent and corrupt bunch we've never seen.

Russia: Metro Palaces (07/21/19 16:23)

Subway stations of Moscow and St. Petersburg when they were absolutely empty.

The New Normal: White Stupidity (07/21/19 16:20)

"There is a strong case that white people are too stupid to survive".  Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Sunday Humour: Source of Income (07/14/19 08:15)

The need for documentation.

Quote of the Day (07/14/19 08:13)

"The spirit of the Vikings is stone dead in Scandinavia. The cowards even look the other way when their women are gang raped".  Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Germany: Inverse Wirtschaftswunder (07/14/19 08:10)

While Merkel can't stop shaking, maybe there is a good reason for it ...

Banking: The New Lehman (07/14/19 08:09)

The surprise collapse in late May of a small Inner-Mongolia Chinese bank, Baoshang, has suddenly focused attention on the fragility of the world’s largest and largely opaque banking system, that of the Peoples Republic of China.

USA: Ross Perot Has Died (07/14/19 08:07)

Can you imagine America (and the world, come to think of it) today, if he had been elected back in 1992?

Israel: Dispensible Nation (07/14/19 08:04)

The Israeli-born Arnon Milchan, by way of comparison with Assange, is being protected by the usual Israel-first thinking within America’s establishment. No effort has ever been made either to indict or arrest him by a series of pusillanimous presidents who clearly are afraid to touch a prominent and connected Israeli billionaire.

Taki's Week That Perished (07/14/19 07:58)

The Week’s Most Quixotic, Sclerotic, and Unpatriotic Headlines

Banksters: Market Slump (07/12/19 17:12)

Cocaine dealers and pimps fear for their business as Deutsche Bank cuts 18,000 jobs.

Jewry: Masters of Hypocrisy (07/12/19 17:09)

Israel's envoy to Brazil Yossi Shelley has found himself in hot water after his embassy shared an image of him eating lobster with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro despite the Torah prohibiting jews from eating shellfish.

Totalitarianism: Don’t Say Epstein (07/12/19 17:07)

Tongue-in-cheek, this blogger suggests that the ‘good meaning’ people of the world never again utter the sound produced by the following letters: E.P.S.T.E.I.N to avoid the possibility of offending Jews or presenting them in the wrong light.

The New Normal: Cracking Skulls for a Good Cause (07/12/19 17:03)

If people are convinced that their cause is good beyond question, they will find a way to justify whatever they do in its name, no matter how sick or violent.

Environment: Solar Minimum (07/12/19 16:59)

The solar minimum is well and truly here after scientists recorded an all-time high in cosmic rays, meaning Earth could face a mini Ice Age.

Privacy: The Secrets of Silicon Valley (07/12/19 16:57)

The result of the digitization of everything is a world without privacy. A world where freedom is a thing of the past and no one is outside the reach of Big Brother.

History Revisited: The Real Holocaust (02) (07/12/19 16:54)

AIPAC threatened House Speaker Dennis Hastert he’d lose “Jewish votes” if an Armenian Genocide resolution succeeded. But contrary to what happened during WW II, what happened here was a true holocaust.

History Reclaimed: Japanophilia (07/12/19 16:49)

The Germans admired the spirit of the samurai, which itself was said to be partly inspired by Zen’s emphasis on discipline and impermanence, culminating in a rigorous lifestyle unafraid of death.


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