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Sunday Humour: Smartphone Surprise (08/04/19 17:06)

Looking up from his smartphone after five years, 28-year-old Helge Wirt was surprised to discover that he has been happily married for four years and fathered two healthy children.

The New Normal: Snowflakes (08/04/19 17:01)

“Nothing’s better than youth, but what a pity it’s wasted on the young.”  Oscar Wilde

China: The New Hegemon (08/04/19 16:58)

China has surpassed the US in many areas and is closing in rapidly in other areas.

Ecology: Wind turbines (08/04/19 16:56)

Neither clean nor green, wind turbines provide zero global energy.

(Recent) History Revisited: Soviet Shops (08/04/19 16:54)

How shopping looked like in the Soviet Union – empty shelves, long lines and angry people.

Taki's Week That Perished (08/04/19 16:52)

The Week’s Sickest, Slickest, and Thickest Headlines

USA: Beacon of Democracy (08/01/19 09:59)

When the police who are paid by the public to “serve and protect” instead rob and murder without accountibility, not even insouciant Americans can deny the devastating evidence of American legal, political and societal collapse.

What Could Go Wrong Department (08/01/19 09:57)

An Australian man was found transporting over $140 million in methamphetamines after he crashed his van into a police car outside of a Sydney police station. 

USA: American Genius (08/01/19 09:55)

About a quarter of Americans didn’t believe that the moon landings happened at the time they were said to have taken place. Five decades later the doubters form solid majorities within many parts of the world.

O&G: Why US Shale Is Doomed (08/01/19 09:53)

More bankruptcies are all but certain as oil and gas borrowers must repay or refinance several hundred billion dollars of debt over the next six months.

Delusions of Democracy (08/01/19 09:51)

Just like religion is the false idea that people can be redeemed, politics is the false notion that people can be managed.

The New Normal: The Sucess of Being "Vulnerable" (08/01/19 09:46)

"Zionists created the trick or deception of elevating themselves above criticism by accusing critics of being 'anti-semites' who intend to harm to Jews. The success of this strategy has made it attractive to designated 'victim groups'.”  Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Russia (Local Colour): Interesting Customs (08/01/19 09:43)

Traditions, customs and habits that foreigners may not easily understand.

Orwell Inc.: Corporate Privacy (08/01/19 09:40)

An increasing number of large companies are using data from employees' electronic devices to track such personal details like when you they wake up, where they go for coffee in the morning, their whereabouts throughout the entire day, and what time they go to bed.

Automotive: Fake Ferraris (08/01/19 09:38)

A small factory in the southern state of Santa Catarina, Brazil was producing fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis for $45,000 to $60,000, a substantial discount versus the retail price of a genuine supercar.

Jewish Messiahs: From Goliath to David (08/01/19 09:36)

How the Goliath of the Jerusalem settler movement persuaded the world it was really David.

Taki's Week That Perished (28.07.19) (08/01/19 09:34)

The Week’s Most Addictive, Constrictive, and Vindictive Headlines

Mass Media: The Lies Promoted (07/21/19 16:37)

The average “journalist” working for the mainstream Jewish media is nothing more than a malicious troll promoting lies and hoaxes.

Taki's Week That Perished (07/21/19 16:33)

The Week’s Most Candid, Underhanded, and Reprimanded Headlines

1984 Redux: Demonocracy (07/21/19 16:32)

The idea of rule by the people is a scam, one perpetuated by those who are in control of the government. Through the “democratic process” of voting and elections, a small determined minority can impose its will despite majority opposition.


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