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Wednesday Humour: A Woman's Handbag (06/12/19 19:06)

Unbelievable, but true! Stressed woman finds her lip balm instantly. She has been in shock ever since. (Machine translation)

China (Local Colour): Crickets (06/12/19 19:03)

The Imperial Concubines of China's Tang Dynasty had a rather lively autumn tradition: As the weather cooled, they collected crickets and slipped them into tiny golden cages.

Taki's Week That Perished (9.06.19) (06/12/19 19:00)

The Week’s Most Acidic, Hasidic, and Druidic Headlines

Spain (Local Colour): Bureaucratic Purgatory (06/12/19 18:58)

More than 130 years after it was begun, Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia has finally obtained permission from the city to legally continue construction on a church designed by the iconic Antoni Gaudí.

USA: Masters of Hypocrisy (06/12/19 18:55)

Three months after D-Day, the inhabitants of Normandy could no longer tolerate abuses at the hands of the soldiers who "liberated" them.

USA: Land of Plenty (06/12/19 18:52)

It is a poor economy when the best investment for a company is to repurchase its own shares.

History Revisited: Facts, Fiction and Propaganda (06/12/19 18:50)

"As far as can be determined from the available evidence, NO ONE DIED that night in Tiananmen Square."  Jay Mathews, the Washington Post's Beijing Bureau Chief in 1989

Israel: Dispensible Nation (06/09/19 12:02)

"Israel is a dictatorship, not a democracy"  Dr Paul Craig Roberts

USA: Empire in Decay (06/09/19 11:59)

The belief that the US has had a decade long economic recovery is likely to be an illusion produced by underestimating inflation. Indeed, every day experience with the prices of food, clothing, household goods, and services indicates a higher rate of inflation than is officially reported.

USA: Crumbling Empire (06/09/19 11:56)

Perhaps it is time to recognize the stupid as an ethnic group. They are the country’s largest voting bloc.

History Revisited: D-Day Distortions (06/09/19 11:54)

This article was written on the 40th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France. 35 years later, the Russian version of WW2 is still the correct one, while the Western version is being propped up with ever-grander ceremonies.

Sunday Humour (06/09/19 11:50)

Face ID

American Pravda: British Spies (06/07/19 16:29)

British spies had played a massive hidden role in getting America involved in the Second World War despite the overwhelming opposition of the citizenry, and very possibly had murdered a top Republican Party official.

Totalitarianism: Yahweh’s Trojan Horse (06/07/19 16:25)

It is beyond question that Christianity played a major role in the creation of Israel, and continues to play a major role in securing American and European support for its criminal enterprises.

Health: Inducing Torpor (06/07/19 16:21)

Inducing torpor and hibernation in humans could improve survival rates for heart attack and violence victims.

Currencies: Euro Parallel (06/07/19 16:19)

Are we finally going to get this parallel currency in Italy? Only time will tell.

History Revisited: Tian’anmen (06/07/19 16:14)

Nobody really knows exactly what happened around Tian’anmen, and it is quite possible that we never will. But its anniversaries invariably provide a golden opportunity for Western middle-class posturing and sanctimony. Yet there is conclusive proof that the Chinese army did NOT massacre anyone at Tian'anmen Square in 1989.

Health: Cell Phone Towers (06/07/19 16:10)

It is dangerous to have young children in such close proximity to these towers.

The New Normal: Fake Jewess Faked Holocaust History (06/07/19 16:08)

Another prominent Holocaust hoaxer is exposed as a complete and total fraud.

Wednesday Humour (06/05/19 20:42)

Three stages of a man's life ....


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