Trivia: Do UFOs Really Exist?
Capitalism at its Best: Let Them Eat Cake
The New Normal: People Are Getting Dumber
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The New Normal: Trash Bin of History (06/01/19 12:39)

White peoples and their achievements are headed for the trash bin of history.

Trivia: Navy Pilots Describe Stunning UFO Sightings (06/01/19 12:37)

After upgrading the radar systems on F/A-18 fighter jets, several Navy pilots operating from the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt began to see unidentified flying objects that appeared to defy the laws of physics.

Europhoria: Farage's Victory Spells Doom for Both Tories and Corbyn (06/01/19 12:34)

Desperate spin notwithstanding, the tsunami created by Nigel Farage's six-week old Brexit Party may sweep away centuries-old parties which may now begin to split into their constituent parts.

Hightech: Trade Wars (06/01/19 12:32)

Why capturing Huawei is no victory.

American Pravda: Did the US Plan a Nuclear First Strike Against Russia? (06/01/19 12:31)

There is strong evidence that in July 1961 President Kennedy and his top national security officials discussed cold-blooded plans for a full nuclear attack against the Soviet Union.

Energy: Renewables Can't Power Modern Civilization (05/28/19 18:53)

If renewables can't cheaply power Germany, one of the richest and most technologically advanced countries in the world, how could a developing nation like Kenya ever expect them to allow it to "leapfrog" fossil fuels?

Taki's Week That Perished (26.05.19) (05/28/19 18:49)

The Week’s Most Busted, Disgusted, and Maladjusted Headlines

Europhoria: Nigel Farage Takes Down Another Tory Government (05/28/19 18:45)

Nigel Farage is the single most influential politician of the 21st century. And before he’s done he will have remade British, and by extension, European politics for the next century.

The New Normal: Democracy Versus the Putin-Nazis (05/28/19 18:41)

For over two years, the corporate media have been pounding out an endless series of variations on this major theme.

History Reclaimed: How Hitler Saved the Allies (05/28/19 18:39)

If the Germans had for any reason delayed their 1940 assault on France for a few weeks, the pending Allied attack would have brought the Soviets into the war on the other side, ensuring their defeat.

History: Into the Darkness (05/28/19 18:36)

An uncensored report from inside the Third Reich at war.

Hightech: Health Effects of 5G (05/28/19 18:35)

Hundreds of respected scientists sound alarm.

UK: Judicial Corruption (05/28/19 18:32)

Judge Phillips' amazing bit of linguistic gymnastics.

American Pravda: Chinese Melamine and American Vioxx (05/28/19 18:31)

In today’s world and in the opinion of our own media, American lives are quite cheap, unlike those in China.

American Pravda: Who Shot Down Flight MH17 in Ukraine? (05/28/19 18:28)

The American media and its Western counterparts have almost unanimously placed the blame on anti-government rebels backed by Russia.

History Reclaimed: Operation Gladio (05/22/19 16:35)

The unholy alliance between the Vatican, the CIA & the Mafia.

9/11: The Dancing Israelis (05/22/19 16:29)

Newly released FBI docs shed light on Mossad foreknowledge.

New World Order: How Spies Run the World (05/22/19 16:27)

In many countries of Europe, editorial international policies have been outsourced to the spooky Atlantic Council, the Washington-based think tank. 

USA: Beacon of Democracy (05/22/19 16:24)

Hebrew monotheism was a deception from the beginning, the ultimate metaphysical crypsis.

Russia: The Early Putin (05/21/19 10:37)

Why Trump should follow Putin's example in the coming crisis.


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