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1984 Redux: How to Create a Fake Pandemic (04/05/20 16:08)

Manufacturing a pandemic when there isn't any is much easier than one might think. One needs focus, repetition, some misdirection, semi-made-up numbers and very basic psychological tricks.

Taki's Week That Perished (04/05/20 15:33)

The Week’s Most Dyspeptic, Antiseptic, and Narcoleptic Headlines

Weekend Humour: Toilet Paper Recall (04/03/20 16:47)

Germany's supermarket chains this this week launched a joint recall campaign for toilet paper. (Google trans.)

Corona: The Never Ending Story - Part III (04/03/20 16:43)

Things one cannot talk about ...

USA: Empire in Decay (04/03/20 16:40)

In 1840, before compulsory public schools existed, literacy rates in the US were about 90 percent. Today, 45 million Americans are functionally illiterate, unable to read above a 5th-grade level. Half of all adults can’t read a book at an 8th-grade level. In California, 25 percent of the state’s 6 million students are unable to perform basic reading skills.

O&G: Negative Pricing (04/03/20 16:31)

Energy trading giant Mercuria bid negative 19 cents per barrel in mid-March for Wyoming Asphalt Sour, a dense oil used mostly to produce paving bitumen, thereby asking producers to pay for the luxury of getting rid of their output.

Quote of the Day (04/03/20 15:21)

"To hear these defenders of democracy talk, one would think that people deliberate like a committee of wise men, whereas in truth judicial murders, foolhardy undertakings, wild choices, and above all foolish and disastrous wars are eminently the prerogatives of this form of government.”  Joseph de Maistre

History Revisited: How to Survive an Epidemic (04/01/20 16:34)

Giovanni Boccaccio's Decamerone taught citizens how to maintain mental wellbeing in times of epidemics and isolation.

Corona: The Never Ending Story - Part II (04/01/20 16:31)

We are now experiencing 9/11-2B, the coronavirus black swan. Just as 9/11 terrorized, shocked, and shut down the USA for a few days, it seems that COVID-19 will do the same, only more so. Instead of a few days, we may be shut down for a few months or more. And once again, Zionists are hysterically pushing back against those of us questioning the official story.

USA: Empire in Decay (04/01/20 16:26)

America has turned into a bad joke, a paradise for phonies, obese transvestites, self-important grievance-mongers, foulmouthed whiny women, vomit-inducing feminists, and malicious New York Times hermaphrodites.  Taki Theodoracopulos

Russia: Putin Forever? (04/01/20 16:22)

Why is it that you’re supposed to switch out leaders at arbitrary intervals? Logically, if a chief executive is doing a good job, there is no reason he should have to resign after X number of years, as long as he keeps democracy alive and holds elections every 4 or 6 years.

History Revisited: A Precursor to the European Union? (04/01/20 16:20)

In May 1940, Werner Daitz, an official in the NSDAP’s foreign policy office, wrote a memorandum advocating for the creation of a Reich Commission charged with the economic unification of Europe.

Privacy: Facial Recognition (04/01/20 16:16)

The fight over the future of facial recognition is heating up. But it is just the beginning, as even more intrusive methods of surveillance are being developed in research labs around the world.

Corona: The Never Ending Story - Part I (04/01/20 16:13)

Six reasons why Covid-19 fails the sniff test.

Science: Weak Bones (04/01/20 16:08)

When humans stop hunting and gathering, bones get weak.

Taki's Week That Perished (23.02.20) (04/01/20 15:41)

The Week’s Most Fascistic, Autistic, and Sadistic Headlines

USA: No End to Foolishness (04/01/20 15:39)

Huawei in the crosshairs.

USA: Hypocrisy Foremost (04/01/20 15:38)

Life of a boomer.

Russia (Local Colour): Faces of Siberia (04/01/20 15:35)

A Russian artist has provided us with some beautiful photos ...

The New Normal: Scandinavia Does Not Exist ... (02/21/20 15:52)

... or so says Scandinavian Airlines.

The New World Order: Putin on Globalization (02/21/20 15:50)

The basic problem with globalization is not hard to grasp. The giant corporations have outsourced millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs to low wage platforms across Asia leaving behind thousands of shuttered factories and broken communities, a sharp spike in opiate addiction, and the steady erosion of living standards.

History Revisited: Hitler on Globalism (02/21/20 15:48)

Extracts from a speech made by Adolf Hitler to business leaders of the Industry Club in Düsseldorf on January 27th, 1932.

Russia: Size Matters (02/21/20 15:45)

A little essay on the famous 'Shark' submarine.

USA: No End to Foolishness (02/21/20 15:42)

Falsifications of history abound; and mostly among the neocon circles.

China: A Most Convenient Virus (02/21/20 15:38)

The scenario that seems most plausible at this point is that this virus was genetically engineered in one of the Pentagon’s biological weapons laboratories and introduced into China via infected wild bats, having picked the technology and manufacturing mecca of Wuhan as a target.

Science: Absorbing Radiation (02/21/20 15:36)

Fungi that absorbs radiation has been growing all over Chernobyl plant.

USA: Beacon of Democracy (02/21/20 15:35)

American elections: Pol Pot vs Hitler.

Econ101: The Triumph of Madness (02/21/20 15:33)

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on him not understanding it.  Upton Sinclair

Taki's Week That Perished (9.02.20) (02/21/20 15:29)

The Week’s Most Abusive, Elusive, and Intrusive Headlines

USA: Dispensible Nation (02/21/20 15:28)

America’s choices seemingly are to start a world war, or gut the military budget to make America great again, or have America become a resonably important middle-sized country that can, in peace and tranquility, focus its its attention on transgender bathrooms.


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