Trivia: Do UFOs Really Exist?
Privacy: New Quantum Phone
Capitalism at its Best: Let Them Eat Cake
The New Normal: People Are Getting Dumber


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Trivia: Do UFOs Really Exist? (06/05/19 18:21)

Former US defense official asserts that they do.

Kleptocracy: Israeli Shenanigans (06/05/19 18:19)

Why AIPAC never did, and never won't, register as a foreign agent.

The New Normal: Two Contrasting Commencement Addresses (06/05/19 18:16)

The venerable Paul Craig Roberts on America in freefall.

Brexit: Lies, Lies, and More Lies (06/05/19 18:13)

Brexit chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is boxing with the wind, landing no punches with wild blasts at the UK.

USA: Crumbling Empire (06/05/19 18:11)

"If the whole rotted-out edifice comes crashing down, there won’t be enough coerced taxpayer dollars anymore to save the Plutocrats, with their limitless greed and power. Maybe then the best can have a chance to be first."  The legendary Ralph Nader

USA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (06/03/19 14:27)

DARPA Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create and deliver “Doomsday genes” which can selectively target and exterminate an entire species.

New World Order: Bilderberg (06/03/19 14:24)

“If the Bilderberg Group is not a conspiracy of some sort, it is conducted in such a way as to give a remarkably good imitation of one.”  C. Gordon Tether

UK: A Legacy? (06/03/19 14:21)

Theresa May arguably has one of the most disastrous records of a UK prime minister to date.

USA: Masters of Hypocrisy (06/03/19 14:18)

It's been a busy few days for American "diplomacy", with three dozen nations ending up at the receiving end of threats, ultimatums and sanctions last week alone.

The New Normal: Polish Holocaust (06/03/19 14:16)

After seventy-five years of blaming Germany for the Holocaust, the Jews have decided that Poland also did a Holocaust against them while they were occupied by Germany during WWII.

Taki's Week That Perished (2.06.19) (06/02/19 15:43)

The Week’s Wormiest, Germiest, and Spermiest Headlines

Globalization: China's Rise, America's Fall (06/02/19 11:55)

Which superpower is more threatened by its “extractive elites”?

The New Normal: Secrets Abound (06/02/19 11:53)

The secret Jewish history of everything.

Privacy: New Quantum Phone (06/02/19 11:49)

Russian scientists have taken secure communication to the next level. Of course, the price per set may be somewhat discouraging.

The New Normal: People Are Getting Dumber (06/02/19 11:43)

IQ rates are mysteriously declining throughout much of the developed world.

Trade Wars: China Holds the Trump Cards (06/02/19 11:41)

It would seem that China has more to lose in a trade war. But that is not how it works.

Automotive: Electric Vehicles (06/02/19 11:39)

EVs are a total sham; and this holds true however one judges the shenanigans of one Elon Musk.

Countries: Albania (06/02/19 11:35)

We may experience a new Yugoslav war in our lifetimes.

USA: American Genius (06/01/19 12:43)

US politicians and officials have abandoned all attempts at maintaining decorum and no longer disguise their rapacious, grasping ways. Instead of veiled threats, they now deploy big lies and fake threats.

Enivironment: Soil-Free Farms (06/01/19 12:41)

Soil-free farms could help take some of the pressure off traditional agricultural systems.


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